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Meet Stella Crick an Inspiring Aussie Photographer + Surfer

Stella Crick Australian Female Surfer Photographer

Young, creative and authentic with a strong connection to the ocean, meet Stella Crick, an extremely talented freelance photographer currently working for leading swimwear and surfwear labels across the globe.

Stella spends her days immersed in nature, whether its working in the rainforest, catching waves or taking photos in the ocean. Her motto is inspiring ” Get up and make things happen … you have to push yourself to live your dreams”

Stella is a perfect example of what it means to be a Wild Wolf Collective Girl. She takes the time to listen to her heart, feeds her spirit and nurtures her soul. She surrounds herself with nature, inspires and encourages others via her beautiful images. 


Where do you live in NSW and what does a normal day look like for you?

I live in a small coastal town called Coledale, its on the south coast of NSW and has been the best place to grow up. It is nestled between the mountains and sea so there isn’t much else to do besides go outside and explore!

These days my photography work is a side job that I do for fun and is a way to unleash my creativity…but my week day job is working in the national parks. So I usually get to spend my days working in the bush or in the rainforest, then after work I head to the beach to surf, dive or take photos!

Stella Crick Australian Female Surfer

What advice would you give to women who want to learn how to surf but are feeling a little bit unsure about giving it a go?

My motto in life is you have to get up and make things happen, you have to push yourself to live your dreams. It is rare in life that things will get handed to you. Surfing takes a lot of dedication and practice but it is so worth it once you are hooked. Practice your surfing as much as you can to improve, and most importantly don’t be intimidated by males in the surf. Women have just as much right to be out in the water as men.

Stella Crick Australian Female Surfer

What is your view on surfing and how do you think it improves your physical and mental wellbeing?

Surfing is an amazing sport and activity. It makes your body strong, your core toned, your skin tanned and clear, your hair sun-streaked and your heart happy. I love it because I always come out of the water a better person and with a big smile on my face. Also if i’m having a shocker of a day it helps to relieve stress and promote calmness. Surfing keeps my mind, body and soul in check.

There has been an awesome movement on positive body image recently, What message would you like to share with our amazing followers?

This issue is really close to my heart after seeing one of my loved ones suffer from anorexia. Females have to stick together and support each other instead of bringing each other down. We are all born differently and are beautiful in our own ways. The moment you stop comparing yourself to other girls is when you will be the happiest and most comfortable in your own skin. We all have parts of our body that we are insecure about and things that make us unique, so we don’t need the added negativity from other people telling us that we aren’t perfect.

I guess what i’m trying to say is looks aren’t everything in life, to me whether you are a good person is what is most important.


Stella Crick Australian Female Surfer Photographer

How did you learn to take such stunning underwater images? do you have any tips for budding photographers?

I am a self taught photographer and got where I am today from a lot of trial and error. My number one tip would be to practice your breath holds and it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a fancy camera you can still give it a shot. I spent many years photographing my friends and the beach lifestyle with my little gopro. Another word of advice is to create your own creative style and stick with it, nobody likes to see the same old photos copied and re-enacted again and again.


Stella Crick Australian Female Surfer Photographer       Stella Crick Australian Female Surfer Photographer

What location do you dream of shooting at one day?

Tahiti is definitely my ultimate dream location. I have a big poster of Moorea lagoon in Tahiti on my bedroom wall that I like to look at every day, it inspires me and one day I know I will be there to swim with the reef sharks and sting rays!

Spending so much time in the ocean must take a toll on your skin and hair, what products do you use to keep it hydrated?

I have really sensitive skin and suffer from eczema so I don’t use a lot of products on my skin, but when I do it will be really plain moisturiser or coconut oil to keep my skin hydrated after being exposed to salty ocean water. For my hair sometimes I use Moroccan argon oil to keep it conditioned and silky.


Stella Crick Australian Female Surfer Photographer


What are your three favourite products from the Wild Wolf Collective Online store?

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Stella Crick Australian Female Surfer Photographer


Images Courtesty of  Stella Crick Photography