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How to Style a Hens Picnic


Are you thinking of ideas for your hens night?
Cant stand penis straws and tacky hens night decorations?
Looking for an intimate and fun way to spend the afternoon with your closest family and friends?
Why not organise a boho picnic style bridal shower for your special day! Think cosy cushions, white beach tipi, crochet bunting, garland lighting, flowers and delicious food. We couldn’t think of anything more perfect!




Wild Wolf Collective recently collaborated with Margaret River Proposal Picnics to host an intimate bridal shower for our very own Wild Wolf Babe Annie. Our gorgeous white beach tipi was the stand out feature. The overall vibe was relaxed and intimate, the bride to be was able to spend quality time with her hens.


We decided to host our boho style tipi picnic at a private residence so that we had a kitchen to heat up food and access to power for the garland lighting. We wanted to create a vibe where guests felt they could kick off their sandals and relax.  

To create the perfect boho style bridal shower, we recommend your guests wear white, particularly anything with lace or crochet. Flower Crowns are a must for all the hens … You could supply them as gifts on arrival or set up a DIY flower crown station where the guest can get to know each other and enjoy getting crafty. Colourful flower crowns against the white background really make the photos pop.




Guest enjoyed a beautiful antipasto platter with warm toasted turkish bread, dips, cheeses, cold meats and fruit, followed by a dessert platter with brownies and strawberries dipped in chocolate.
If you are stuck on ideas for what to put on your picnic style platter, you will be sure to get some inspiration from the Spell and The Gypsy Collective Blog post #spellspread D.I.Y


We placed a large white blanket down first, then placed a low table in the center, this creates a nice relaxed picnic vibe straight away. Scatter some varied size cushions around the table, throw rugs come in handy for later in the evening when it cools off. 
We set up the beautiful white tipi at one end of the table, the tipi was filled with boho style cushions and a crochet throw rug, then adorned with a gorgeous handmade macrame hanger. The tipi created another space for the guests to sit and chat, even sleep towards the end of the night (after a few too many champagnes)
Decorate the table with vases, flowers and candles, leaving enough space for the platters of food.


The most important thing that most people forget is the lighting. The afternoon quickly escaped us and before we knew it it was evening, the most beautiful ambient lighting kicked in.
We wove a garland of white cotton ball lights along the length of the table which created beautiful soft lighting. As it got darker we started to light all the pretty candles which were sitting inside glass jars, strung from the trees. It was the most magical part of the day.  Urban Outfitters have some very cool lighting options. Here is a D.I.Y blog on how to make your own hanging jar lanterns.



Photography : Chella Beckett
Styling: Chella Beckett, Jessie Innis & Tahnee Innis
Food: Jessie Innis